Gallery Adventure

I have joined a gallery in Healdsburg. I’m not sure whether I will sell anything there or whether it will be an experience I will enjoy as my salesmanship skills are slim to none based on an intrinsic shyness.  I am only committed for 6 months although a year seems

Is that Yours??

Yes, it is. The local gallery was having an abstract show so I started wondering if I could do an abstract. I looked at several pages of abstracts, some I thought wonderful and many I hated. The first thing I needed was a plan of attack. So I began with

Mustard Flowers in February

Mustard Flowers in February And thank heaven for that. Just when you have decided you can’t stand the color grey another day and you are going to kiss your loved ones goodby while they sleep so you can sneak out unobstructed and fly off to Roratonga where you will build

Happy New Year

Wishing you a happy and sane New Year! Flowers are a symbol of spring and renewal. 2017 was a difficult year for many. Dissension seemed to reign everywhere.  We waited daily for good news, positive steps to solve world and domestic problems and seemed to get only confusion, in-fighting and

Winter in Sonoma County

  I love the ethereal subtlety of winter scenes, one of our favorite get away spots is the Canadian Rockies in the winter. This is about as close as we get here in Sonoma County but this same scene is vibrant in greens and golds in the summer and gaudy