Mustard Flowers in February

Mustard Flowers in February

And thank heaven for that. Just when you have decided you can’t stand the color grey another day and you are going to kiss your loved ones goodby while they sleep so you can sneak out unobstructed and fly off to Roratonga where you will build sand castles and eat limpets……you happen to be driving to the grocery store when you are almost blinded by the flash of brilliant yellow. And then another and another. It is one of the great gifts of Mother Nature and so well thought out. Yellow and grey are beautiful together, the yellow compliments the grey. And it is cheery, just what you so badly need after weeks of grey skies.

The painting below which I’ve done many different versions of, also has poppies. The poppies show up a little later in the spring and would give the mustard some stiff competition if they didn’t look so lovely together. And then comes the brand new green on the trees and in the vineyards. You’ve got a lot to look forward to.


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