Is that Yours??

Yes, it is. The local gallery was having an abstract show so I started wondering if I could do an abstract. I looked at several pages of abstracts, some I thought wonderful and many I hated. The first thing I needed was a plan of attack. So I began with a color scheme and a dark and light balance. The next thing I addressed was a composition. While all the rules I’ve learned over the years about composition were considered I’m not sure how much of that learning was applied. Probably a learned sense of balance and relationships came into play. By the way, nothing was on canvas yet. This was all in the thinking stage.

When I finally dove in I became focused on bulk as opposed to line, then on conscious decisions versus accidents, all the while thinking about moving color around the composition.

I never put it in the show, I don’t remember if I was too late or just intimidated. I don’t hate it, sometimes I like it. There have been a few others who liked it too. But now that I’ve explained the process so clearly you should try one.

3 Replies to “Is that Yours??”

  1. lolonin says:

    WONDERFUL!!!!!! And I mostly love it. It reminds me of the Palm Springs Rocks.

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  2. lolonin says:

    ……With cool weird waterfalls

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  3. Lisa says:

    I’ve never seen this…LOVE the colors and think it is very enticing/engaging/cool


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