Gallery Adventure

I have joined a gallery in Healdsburg. I’m not sure whether I will sell anything there or whether it will be an experience I will enjoy as my salesmanship skills are slim to none based on an intrinsic shyness.  I am only committed for 6 months although a year seems a more reasonable test so I will aim for that and then decide whether it’s my cup o’ tea. It’s a nice gallery, right on the plaza above a bookstore and has some pretty wonderful artists so I am flattered to have been invited in. Stunning pottery and gorgeous jewelry are featured as well as fine art, prints and cards. It is called The Upstairs Gallery and is above a book store called Levin & Co. which is also enchanting.

Drop in and visit both stores. It’s a nice break from wine.

The painting called The Dragon Vase is also called My poison oak painting. I got such a bad case of it I looked for the most intricate thing I could find to paint in order to keep my mind off itching.


2 Replies to “Gallery Adventure”

  1. Laura says:

    Gorgeous painting. One of my favorites!
    Sorry you had to experience such hell to birth it.


  2. lisagaskin16 says:

    So endearing…all of it…


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